Fun Christmas Facts

Christmas didn’t officially begin until centuries after the birth of Jesus because nobody really knew when he was born. Pope Julius proclaimed it would be December 25th in 350 AD.


German immigrants brought the Christmas tree tradition to the US. Christmas trees were brought inside from the 16th century and Martin Luther is meant to be the first person to put candles on a Christmas tree.


In Spain, people search for the Christmas pickle ornament hidden on the Christmas tree. The first person to find it gets an extra present.


In Venezuela, the streets of Caracas are closed to traffic first thing during the Xmas period so that everyone can skate to early morning mass.


Ukranian Christmas trees are decorated with spider webs to remember the story of how a poor family woke up to find their Christmas tree decorated with spider webs that shone silver and gold in the morning sun.


In Japan, Christmas is celebrated with fried chicken.