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I just wanted to thank you and all the tellers I was able to enjoy and listen in with yesterday.  'Twas lovely!  Sorry I needed to depart mid Kit's story...I chanced it by not leaving before as I so wanted to hear it.

     Grateful,  Tracy


Storytelling Cafe was a most enjoyable evening.  There was a good mix of myth, magic and mayhem.... nicely linked with chat which is always fun as are the little yellow clap symbols. For those that are quick with unmuting and re-muting it was good to hear a few hands clapping.


 In September we hope to be back live in the Kitchen Garden Cafe, Kings Heath.  To celebrate this potential momentous occasion and the end of our lockdown zoom era we are joining the ranks of many brave and foolish folks throughout history, by touching on wood, crossing our fingers and Tempting Fate.

Fortunately, there are a huge number of stories that have tempting fate as their theme.  We won't be lost for material.  Whether the three sisters are ultimately on our side or fickle destiny foils our best laid plans we hope you come along to hear stories to chill your spine and give you joy, as odds are overcome.  Whatever happens the stories will go on.

Tempting Fate
The Cafe Crew
Wednesday 21st July