Praise for A Spell in Time and the November Cafe

What an amazing cultural experience. So many emotions engendered. Thank you so much.

Beautiful and amazing stories. Rich, ritual, magical. Thank you.

Fantastic evening.

Wednesday 15th January

How to Spin Enchantment

Tim Ralphs


Happy New year from Storytelling Cafe! As always we have a wonderful year planned full of stories and storytellers who will delight you with tales from all around the world.

We're starting off 2020 with a magical spark as we welcome Tim Ralphs with “How to spin enchantment”.

Spin and weave the tangled roving into one thread of magic. Snap the scissors shut right before the happily ever after.

17th Century Italian Giambattista Basile travelled from Venice to Naples collecting the most marvellous fairytales. Tim Ralphs rouses them from their inky sleep in a joyful performance that dances from the frivolous to the magical.

This is an array of some of the most lyrical, characterful and hysterical fairytale stories ever offered up for performance. Seven Godmothers, a sleeping Prince, a weeping girl and an enchanted doll that makes its owner crave more stories. MORE STORIES!

As well as enchanting stories that are sure to have you under their spell, you will also be able to sample the delights of Kitchen Garden Cafe. With a wide selection of food, drink and cake you'll be sure to have a magical evening!

Wednesday 19th February


Michael Harvey


Sometime in 1871 the great Breton folktale collector François-Marie Luzel sat down in front of a man called Guillaume Garandel in a village called Plouaret, ready to add another story to his bulging collection of traditional tales.  Imagine his surprise when the story unravelled in a twisted tale of cross-dressing, attempted seduction and a huge hairy man in a story that defies categories and leaps, hairy and smelly, out of the collective imagination, demanding  to be heard.

“ that hour, it felt as though we travelled leagues, into a different and strange world...  He knows how to be theatrical, and in parts you could sense the poetry bursting out... Ah, this was excellent - I spent the night transfixed.” — Caroline Lynch

Wednesday 18th March

Sweet Shop on the Shore

Kate Corkery


When are we old enough to know better?  How strong is a piece of string?  Is seven really the age of reason when we are supposed to know right from wrong, and true from false?

In a village on the shore of Cork Harbour an only child struggles to make sense of the world.  As the River Lee ebbs and flows nearby, regular customers come and go to a small sweet shop that is at the heart of that community.  The stories they share linger in her imagination and grow a life of their own.

Sweet Shop on The Shore is an autobiographical storytelling performance by Kate Corkery.  Originally commissioned for the 21st Festival at the Edge, it was later awarded ‘Outstanding Storytelling Performance of 2012’ by The British Awards for Storytelling Excellence.

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