Sweet Shop on the Shore

Kate Corkery


When are we old enough to know better?  How strong is a piece of string?  Is seven really the age of reason when we are supposed to know right from wrong, and true from false?

In a village on the shore of Cork Harbour an only child struggles to make sense of the world.  As the River Lee ebbs and flows nearby, regular customers come and go to a small sweet shop that is at the heart of that community.  The stories they share linger in her imagination and grow a life of their own.

Sweet Shop on The Shore is an autobiographical storytelling performance by Kate Corkery.  Originally commissioned for the 21st Festival at the Edge, it was later awarded ‘Outstanding Storytelling Performance of 2012’ by The British Awards for Storytelling Excellence.

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Tristan and Iseult

Katy Cawkwell


Stories often come in tangled webs, and no one can unravel tangled tales and make them sound easy like tonight's guest.

Tristan & Iseult is one of the great love stories, spanning the lands and seas of Cornwall, Ireland and Brittany.  Hear afresh the rapture in music that drifts across the water, the tenderness of a healing touch, the passion in a game of chess, the intimacy of an apple orchard and the thrill of clutching at your lover’s hand and fleeing to the wild secret places of this land.

Katy picks a clear, brilliant path through this many-layered legend, touching her listeners with the excitement, beauty and tragedy of this timeless tale.

“A finely crafted, thrilling epic tale of love and loss… Katy conveys the thrills and sorrows of young love with skill and humour…”

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