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I just wanted to thank you and all the tellers I was able to enjoy and listen in with yesterday.  'Twas lovely!  Sorry I needed to depart mid Kit's story...I chanced it by not leaving before as I so wanted to hear it.

     Grateful,  Tracy


Storytelling Cafe was a most enjoyable evening.  There was a good mix of myth, magic and mayhem.... nicely linked with chat which is always fun as are the little yellow clap symbols. For those that are quick with unmuting and re-muting it was good to hear a few hands clapping.


Eve's Three Beautiful Daughters
Wednesday 14th September

shonaleigh-burchill-scaled - original.jpg

Eve’s Three Beautiful Daughters belongs to the Cycle of Hillel, which is the first of twelve epic, latticed, interlinked cycles of stories passed down through generations of Jewish women.

When Adam and Eve are thrown out of paradise, they are each given a number of gifts.

Among the gifts given to Eve is a bag of treasure – not treasure of gold, silver, or jewels, but treasure of a far more precious nature – five hundred and forty-seven herbs, seeds, and plants that will cure all mortal ills.

Shonaleigh is a Druts’yla, and carries on a living unbroken oral tradition passed down from grandmother to granddaughter. She knows around 4,000 tales that she can recall on request, using the lost art of ‘stories within stories’.

Tickets £7

Ragged Miser: The Crow Show
Wednesday 19th October
Jason Buck


Crows, ravens, magpies and their relatives: The corvid COVID antidote of a new show for a reopening world, bringing to life the mythology, natural history and folklore of some of the world’s most intelligent and mysterious birds.

Award-winning storyteller Jason Buck brings a collection of ancient, traditional and original stories and poetry, with his unique blend of physical performance and vocal sound effects.

Watch this space for booking.

Coming up in November - Dave Tonge