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Strange Majesty
Simon Heywood
Wednesday 20th September

Legends of Vortigern


the forgotten kings of Britain

... they rode there, helmed

With a strange majesty that the heathen horde

Remembered after all were overwhelmed ...

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The famous tales of Arthur are only one small part of a long cycle of legends of the kings of ancient Britain: tales of heroes and villains, courage and cowardice, glory and crime, and triumph, tragedy and treason, stretching down generations, coming to a head in a final war between the Britons and the seaborne Saxon invaders. Award-winning writer and storyteller Simon Heywood combines music, song and storytelling to bring new life to a forgotten treasure trove of tales, remembering the strange majesty of the kings of Albion, from Brutus to Belin, Locrin to Lear, Arthur, Merlin and Vortigern.

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